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Some tea and cookies….

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    Ok, I admit I was cracking up as he ate that cookie like his life fucking depended on it.
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The name: Something boring and lame About me: Long time city girl just trying to get through life. Open minded individual, ♥'er of music, and believer in Karma. Hater of: arrogance, trouble makers, and ignorance.

Important FYI:
I do not own any of the material [screencaps, videos, etc] I use to create photo edits/gifs/sets etc and watermark. It solely belongs to the network and/or the people in charge. My watermark is only there to direct those who love my ideas/creativity/color style and want to see more of what i create.

Things about this blog:
-I post a lot of random things that I like now and from my past.
- I'm not afraid to state my opinion towards things
-I don't scare easily and/or take well to bullying
-I love to over analyze and theorize in posts
if you don't like it or can't stand my diverse taste you are welcome to go. I won't be hurt or cry into my pillow over this lol



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