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get to know me meme [9/10] favorite female characters - Buffy Summers
 ↳ Giles, I’m sixteen years old…I don’t wanna die.

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This!!! I can’t w8!!
And yes int’l beasties wont let you cancel this show!! We will keep on roaring!!! Beasties,Beast Up!!! Watch out for the season 3!! Support them by watching it live on it’s original airing day/time.. We need higher ratings to keep the show on air!!!

Don’t care what any else say, I’m so excited about BATB s3. Obviously the show had to take a major turn from season 1 to keep the story going, causing it to loose some of its gritty darkness and mystery, but still S2 had its own type of darkness (which to me were intensified with better background music and amazing film work)

But still loved S2 (yes there were some ruff patches midseason), but overall a really good season. Can’t wait for S3.  

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Gotham - Season 1 Poster

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tommy don’t do this please, it’s me katherine…

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Another Me

Behind the scenes

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This scene right here was just amazingly acted by all involved especially Ayelet and Michael. Loved how Lara never said a word but stared Zod down.And then how Zod goes from calm to downright pissed.His refusal to break his stare down with Lara and the council was spine tingling. Add that to Faora trying to come to Zod’s aid when he was being subdued by the guards. And Zimmer’s epic “I will find him” score. Just brilliant filmmaking right there.

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The name: Something boring and lame About me: Long time city girl just trying to get through life. Open minded individual, ♥'er of music, and believer in Karma. Hater of: arrogance, trouble makers, and ignorance.

Important FYI:
I do not own any of the material [screencaps, videos, etc] I use to create photo edits/gifs/sets etc and watermark. It solely belongs to the network and/or the people in charge. My watermark is only there to direct those who love my ideas/creativity/color style and want to see more of what i create.

Things about this blog:
-I post a lot of random things that I like now and from my past.
- I'm not afraid to state my opinion towards things
-I don't scare easily and/or take well to bullying
-I love to over analyze and theorize in posts
if you don't like it or can't stand my diverse taste you are welcome to go. I won't be hurt or cry into my pillow over this lol



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